Tidbits - December 10, 2020


  Well, Carolina didn’t ask my opinion, but the school hired the football coach I wanted, Shane Beamer.
  Beamer was a major cog in the four years the Gamecocks won nine, 11, 11 and 11 games in successive years. He was the recruiting co-ordinator that brought in the Lattimores, Gilmores and Clowneys.
  When he left for another school, the Gamecocks success began to fade.
  Now, he’s back.
  There was an article featuring former Clemson coach Tommy Bowden on one of the social media sites last week. Bowden said years ago he knew of  two young assistant coaches who he knew would be successful as head college coaches. One was Dabo Swinney and the other was Shane Beamer.
  Some complain Beamer has never been a coordinator. Neither had Dabo. Swinney was lowly receivers coach when he was elevated to the interim head coach when Bowden was fired mid-season.
  Clemson decided to give him the job permanently, and look how that has paid off.
  I see Beamer as being a lot like Dabo, a cheerleader and a CEO. Like Dabo, he needs to hire the best staff possible and let them do their jobs.
  I don’t think Will Muschamp ever let his assistants do their jobs, without his shadow hanging over them.
  Beamer has his hands full.
  He’s got a great running back, mediocre quarterbacks and no receivers coming back. He inherits a defense that gave up 40 or more points five times this season, the most in school history. Of course, the defense was plagued by injuries.
  Fans have got to give him time to get his players, but I’m sure will do a good job.
  Before the official announcement  Sunday, I wasn’t’ sure Beamer was going to be hired, and I was tremendously impressed by the coaching job of Coastal Carolina’s Jamey Chadwell and his staff.
  ESPN’s GameDay was set to come to Conway for the Coastal-Liberty game, but midweek Liberty had to cancel its appearance because of COVID issues.
  Somehow, undefeated Coastal and unbeaten Brigham Young arranged a game. BYU’s equipment truck had only two days to travel nearly 3000 miles, but the truck made it.
  Each team had only two days to get ready for the other. Both staffs did an outstanding job.
  On Twitter, I followed top sportscasters and sportswriters, who were watching the game. Stewart Mandel said it was time for the Alabama-LSU game, but he couldn’t tear himself away from a game on teal turf in Myrtle Beach.
  Coastal has only been Division I for three years. The Chanticleers were picked to finish last in their division in the pre-season. Now, they are 10-0.
 No doubt, Chadwell and his staff can coach. I don’t know if what he does in the Sun Belt translates to the SEC, but he impressed me.

  I wrote a few weeks ago about giving myself a 32-inch TV for Christmas to go in my bedroom.
  It replaced a perfectly good 24-inch model, that I intended to set aside as a spare in case one of my other TVs go out.
  I was browsing the Amazon site, as I do practically everyday, when I noticed a Fire Stick Lite on sale for $17.
  Suddenly, a light bulb in my brain lit up. I could buy the Fire Stick and watch ESPN  on the 24-inch TV.
  I already have two TVs in my den. Now, I was going to have three.
  The Fire Stick came in and I plugged it into my TV. I could not get it to connect to ESPN through my Dish Network account. I tried over and over. I searched online and  found this happens to a good many people, but no one had a solution.
  My experiment was worthless. I only wanted the TV to watch sports with the volume turned down.
  Suddenly, another light bulb popped up. Through the years, I have purchased Rokus and Fire Sticks when they go on sale, so all my TVs have one or the other.
  I rarely use the Roku on my TV attached to the satellite, so I moved it to my little TV and got ESPN!
  While I was watching three college football game at the same time, I realized I could watch a game on my iPad and another and my iPhone.
  So, I got them going and retrieved my old iPhone and took of picture of five devices televising different college football games at the same time..
  I posted the picture on social media, and soon stopped watching the games on the smaller devices. It was just a photo-op.
  I was able to watch Carolina-Kentucky on one TV, Clemson and Virginia Tech on another, and Coastal and BYU on the third.
  After Carolina had a touchdown called back on a holding penalty, then missed a field goal. I turned that TV to Netflix. Sometimes you can watch too much football.

  My new phone is the large size. I’ve never had a big phone before,  nor have I wanted one up until now. I have found the older you get the bigger phone you need. Solitaire needs to be seen
  I’ve always had a belt clip holster, even when I had a flip phone. With this big phone clipped to my belt, I feel like Wyatt Earp at the O.K. Corral, except, it takes me two hands to get the phone out of the holster.
  I, like so many of the newer iPhone users have found the pandemic has made the facial recognition feature useless if you are wearing a mask.
  You either have to take off your mask, or type in your six number code ... which is what facial recognition is supposed to eliminate. They can’t bring back the fingerprint feature, because there is no longer a home button.
  Ain’t technology grand?!