Tidbits -September 17, 2020


  It was another example of the “story of my life.”
  The good thing about having to get out two papers in one week  because of a Monday holiday, is I actually have the entire three-day weekend off, no Sunday afternoon writing my column and laying out the paper.
  Saturday morning, I awakened to my face hurting. I know, “If I had a face that looked liked yours, it would hurt, too.”
  It was my sinuses. I took all the over the counter medicine, snorted salt, etc. Sunday, it was worse. I actually missed church!
  Labor Day, the side of my face was swollen. That afternoon, my sister Dibbie said Mayson had a video doctor’s appointment over the CVS website, and told me I should try it to.
  So, I did. Those of my generation, could you have ever imagine in your wildest dreams you could visit a doctor on a screen of a little tablet you hold in your hand?
  The doctor diagnosed my infection and called in an antibiotic and steroids presciption to the Saluda store.
  I text Dibbie that I had talked to the doctor and he had prescribed medicine. She told me the pharmacy closed a 6 p.m. What? It was 5:48!
  I ran, as well as I could, to my van and headed to town. The slow “Lexington red light in Saluda,” almost made me too late, but I got there. I used my prescription drug card I got when I got on medicare four years ago for the first time.
  I’ve never taken steroids before, but I’ve heard they make you do strange things. Before I drove to Greenwood Tuesday morning, I went by the ATM, temporarily put the cash in the cup holder, then went through the drive through at Burger King. My bill was $5.34, but instead of using the $5 I had in my shirt pocket, I paid $120.34, grabbing the money in the cup holder! Thankfully, the BK employee said, “Hey, you paid too much!”
  On my first full day of steroids Tuesday, when I was told to take pills at bedtime, I found out “bedtime” and “sleep” are two different animals. I usually nod off at 10:30, but Tuesday night I watched the 11 o’clock episode of “Murder She Wrote,” followed by the midnight episode. Halfway through the 1 a.m. episode I got up and took a healthy shot of NyQuil. I fell asleep during the fourth episode and awakened three hours later. I decided I’d start the Star Wars episodes Wednesday night.
  Thursday morning,  I put a cup of the coffee I made the previous night in the microwave, grabbed a breakfast bar out of the cabinet, took my “before breakfast” steroid, went to the den, got ready to read the paper on my iPad, took a sip of the coffee..COLD! I walked back to the kitchen, turned the microwave on this time! Oh, and my plan to watch a Star Wars movie Wednesday night to offset the steroid sleeplessness? I fell asleep half way through....
  Thursday’s steroids’ side effect was dizziness, joining the previous nausea, trouble sleeping, appetite changes and increased sweating. When I awakened during the first night of steroids, it felt like I was lying in a creek, I’d sweated so much. The only other side effect I had was heartburn. I missed out on the acne. I know I’ve got some Clearasil somewhere.
  Friday morning, I went to get my iPad from the place I always charge it overnight, and discovered I had forgotten to plug it up. I always shave in the shower, but after I got dressed and looked in the mirror, I saw I had forgotten to shave.
  I celebrated when I finished the steroids after lunch Sunday, although I did notice during the week my shoulder that hurts when I sleep on it, no longer hurt. I attribute that to the droids.
  My grass is a mile high. I didn’t want to cut grass while I’m nursing a sinus infection. It’s not like I don’t have any masks I could wear!
  What a week!

  In my 43 years with this paper, I can’t recall a time when our community has lost so many people who were contributors in just a few days.
It began with Joe Shealy, whose Tire & Oil Company has been a vital part of Saluda for many years. When our office was at the North Main location, he and his dog would come pick up his store’s papers. We’d put the box of papers on the back seat and the dog would drag it further in. I enjoyed our conversations.
  Wilbur Humphries was a healthy 92-year-old, until COVID-19 took him. He smiled all the time, and would cruise the town in either his Crown Vic or his Buick, waving to all he saw. He was well loved in the community because of  his years at Saluda Jewelry Store, with James Pou.
  Peg Bolton was a beautiful lady, always dressed to the nines. Her work in the community came from the years she was employed by  the Saluda Commission of Public Works. She and Mr. Wilbur were both loyal members of the St. Paul United Methodist Church Choir.
  Fred Mills served on both the School District One Board of Trustees and the Saluda County Council. He was also a legendary farmer, inducted into the South Carolina Dairy Farm Hall of Fame.
  Illene Davis worked in the Farmers Home Administration office in the Ag Building. Her late husband Buck was one of my fellow Civitan members. Until they got sick, they were among our regular Tuesday paper buyers buyers at the office.
  Heyward Bouknight was head football coach at Saluda High for three years in the early 80s. The before and after years were spent at Batesburg-Leesville High. Heyward’s brother Ed was a longtime jayvee coach at Saluda. Before he got the SHS head job, Heyward was the jayvee coach at B&L. The games between Saluda and B&L were legendary when the two brothers met. Heyward was a good man, who devoted his life to teaching and coaching young people.
  I consider myself blessed to have known all these fine people. They made this place we live better.