Tidbits - February 13, 2020



  If you are rearing your children to have manners, not to call people by names, not to bully, not to use foul language, to have class, then I hope you send your children out of the room when the news comes on.
  Washington, DC, is an embarrassment to the way all of us in the South were reared.
  All of the political people in our Nation’s Capitol are totally classless. You can blame it on our President to some extent. As my grandmother used to say when a child didn’t say, “Yes sir or Yes Ma’am,” “he was raised poorly.”
  Yes, we can blame the President’s lack of manners on his upbringing. I guess his parents were too busy polishing their silver spoons.
  The President is the top classless person in Washington, because he is the top dog.
  Now, if the rest of Washington didn’t stoop to his level, it would be okay, but they are right in the gutter with him.
  The Speaker of the House is supposed to have class, too., but Nancy Pelosi scraped the bottom of the barrel when she tore up the President’s speech after the State of the Union. She did that for the television audience, making sure she tore up every page. Classless.
  We have such divisiveness now that common sense no longer exists.
  An average third grader could figure out the outcome of the impeachment. The Democrats have the majority in the House, so the articles of impeachment would pass. Then it would go to the Senate where the Republicans have the majority, so the president would be acquitted.
  Everybody knew it, but still they persisted and told us stuff we already knew over and over and over and over....
  Did the President offer quid pro quo to the Ukrainian president. Sure he did, but is that an offense that results in removal from office? The country did get the money.
  The President is a real estate salesman, not a Constitutional lawyer. He probably didn’t know what he was doing was wrong, and if he did know, he, obviously, didn’t care.
  Did Hunter Biden get a $50,000 a month place on a Ukrainian oil company board, because his father was Vice-President of the United States? Of course, he did. Google Hunter Biden and all the trouble he’s been in, including a current paternity suit.
  President Obama’s used an executive order to create the DACA program,  Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. He did not have the Constitutional authority to do that, but did anyone say he should be impeached? Of course, not.
   A few hours after attending the National Prayer Breakfast, the President used an ”expletive deleted” in his speech on his impeachment on national television.
  That was not very Christianlike, but he’s not alone. Lindsey Graham has used the same word, as have other politicians on both sides.
  Now, this is word most of use have used, but not on television where children can hear.
  Yes, the President was “raised poorly,” as were most of our elected officials in Washington, apparently.
  They are an embarrassment and they all need a whooping!


  I am so sick of politics invading everything, even the Super Bowl.
  One of the pre-game commercials featured Johnny Cash’s “Tattered Old Flag,” and starring in the commercial was King Academy graduate Kyle Carpenter, a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor.
  Immediately, liberals were pouncing on the commercials saying the patriotic segment was a NFL swipe at Colin Kaepernick.
  Are you kidding me!
  All Kaepernick did was take knee during the National Anthem. Kyle threw himself on a grenade to save his fellow soldiers and got blown up.
  Colin is out of football now, but he is still healthy, has millions in the bank, and still offering his “two cents worth.”
  Kyle spent months in the hospital and will never be the same. Still he travels across the country, promoting veterans.
  There is no comparison.
  The halftime show was widely praised or criticized, depending on who you’re taking to.
  With Shakira and J-Lo as the stars, it had a total  Latin flavor, and many critics said the costumes and  dancers were too steamy for national TV.
  I’ll be honest, when I started watching the halftime show, I thought of all the churches across the country hosting Super Bowl parties. I guess the kids were told to “leave the room.”
  The show had subtle protests of the Administration’s policies toward Latinos, including J-Lo unfurling a Puerto Rican flag and her daughter singing “Born in the USA.” In front of the stage were children suspended from cages.
  About the dancing and costumes, someone came up with a brilliant idea.
  He took one of Shakira’s numbers, took away her song, and substituted the song “Cotton-eye Joe.” It’s a perfect match, and it looks like Shakira and her dancers are clogging.
  Look it up. No one would have complained about clogging!


  Saluda High is having a fundraising campaign to buy the football team state championship rings, and there has been a lot of discussion on social media about this.
  If you Google “How do high school’s pay for championship rings?,” you will find what Saluda High is doing right now is pretty much the norm.   Championship rings are not a budgetary item. How can they be? Saluda High has not won a basketball championship since 1978, and the last football title was 1963.
  Some have taken aim at County Council, saying the county should have paid  for the rings, if they hadn’t wasted money, requiring the transportation fees.
  Let me explain. The county budget and school budget are two different animals. County Council is required by law to approve these Saluda school budget. That is it.
  Remember, there are three school districts within the boundaries of Saluda County - Saluda, Aiken County -Ridge Spring-Monetta, and Lexington District 3- Batesburg-Leesville. RSM also played in a state championship game this year, but didn’t win, and B&L has won multiple titles through the years. Even if it could, the county could not buy rings for one district, and not do it for the other two.
  Saluda High home games are usually well attended, and the financial gate is good. There would be enough in the football account to pay for the rings, if football did not have to pay the expenses of all the non-revenue sports.
  That is the norm for all high school and colleges. Football pays the bills for the other sports.
  So, Saluda High football is having a fundraiser to buy rings for the State Championship Tigers. Wren and Chapman are using the same fundraising program as Saluda to buy their players rings, too.
  Hopefully, this will be a common “problem” in the future, and we don’t have to wait another 56 years!