Championship Goes Worldwide

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State Champion Number 19s, Cade Gentry and his uncle Tom Blease

Special event card

Spreading The SHS State
Championship Worldwide

  Ham radio operator Brian Blease, son of Saluda natives Tommy Gene and Virginia Corley Blease has created a Special Event Station ,“W1N” with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) after the Saluda High State Championship victory to spread the good news world wide.
  “For those not familiar with Ham Radio, we make contacts across the country/world, say hello, and talk about anything while swapping QSL cards confirming our contacts (QSL Cards are similar to post cards),” Blease said.
  “My Special Event Station “W1N” commemorates my Dad’s 1962 State Championship win and 57 years later, our nephew Cade Gentry and the Saluda Tigers’ State Championship victory in 2019. To be correct, Tom is Cade’s Great Uncle; Barbara Gentry and Virginia Blease are sisters.
  The special thing about this is that they both attend(ed) Saluda High School, wore the same #19, and played defensive back. I also coached at Saluda Middle School and worked with Coach Coates in the late 90’s. Dad is also a ham radio operator and is helping with this endeavor.
  Fun Fact: Dad’s rushing record against Lexington has still not been broken. The single game rushing record is still maintained at 330 yards (and this was when players went both ways).
   I have spoken with people about the Saluda High School State Championship(s) in 47 out of 48 states in the contiguous Unites States.
  I have also chatted with other continents and countries in Africa (Canary Islands), South America (Argentina & Anguilla), Europe (Italy & England), and North America (Jamaica and Canada).
  These contacts and special cards are literally going world wide! I have had a lot of fun this first week running this Special Event, “W1N.”

DONATIONS TO SCHOOLS - (Left to right: Ann Coker, Board Member, Dr. Harvey Livingston, Superintendent, Charlyn Staubes, Board Member, Rosa Gomez, School Nurse, Neysa Quattlebaum, School Nurse, Elizabeth O’Gorman, School Nurse, Rhonda Bedenbaugh, School Nurse, and Gina Fingerlin, Lead School Nurse)

The Charlie Foundation Donates
To Saluda County Schools

The Charlie Foundation donated funding to Saluda County Schools to purchase an additional AED Defibrillator for each of their 5 schools. These additional AED Defibrillators will allow each school to have a quicker response time in the event of a life-threatening cardiac event.  Saluda County Schools would like to thank The Charlie Foundation for its continued generosity and their mission to improve education, the quality of life, and economic development in Saluda County.