Virtual Court

County Holds
Virtual Court

  Saluda County held it first General Sessions Court last week.
  All activities were centered in the Courthouse, but the judge remained in his chambers, the probation personnel in their office, while the defendants came to the courtroom and reacted to proceedings on laptops.
  Clerk of Court Sheri Coleman said the set-up worked, but she doesn’t know how the county can hold a jury trial in the near future, because of social distancing.
  Following are the sentences on guilty pleas:
  Oreakie Rashawn Dukes, drugs, manufacturing meth, Youthful Offender Act (YOA) not to exceed six years, suspended to timed served and three years probation.  Benjamin Arnold Stephen Dorn, adulterate urine or bodily fluid sample to default drug or alcohol test, 1st offense, 45 days.
  Charles Lamount Long, assault & battery 2nd degree, two years, suspended to four days time served, six years probation; resisting arrest, four days. Brandi Shanea Bryson, unlawful carrying of a pistol, three days.
  Willie Dewayne Dublin, use of a vehicle without owner’s permission for temporary purposes only, 69 days. Rebecca Deanne Garrett, possession of other controlled substances, five days.
  Ubaldo Ramirez, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, time served. Seratone Leyoa Jr., use of a vehicle without owner’s permission for temporary purposes only, 84 days.
  Mark Lane Mathias, DUI 1st, 30 days. Oscar Lee Daniels Jr., domestic violence 2nd degreee, three years, upon service of 13 days, suspended to two years probation.
  Joseph Peter Harmon,   domestic violence 1st degree, seven years, credit for 432 days times served. David Lawrence Coleman Jr., trespassing, 30 days. Mary Ann Tyler, possession of a controlled substance, one day.
  Markavies Lintre Bonds, unlawful carrying of a pistol, three days. Phoebe Fayell Norris, possession of over one ounce of marijuana, three days.
  Thomas Junior Tolen, possession of crack cocaine, 1st offense, two days. Shaquille Oneal Goodlett,  contributing to the delinquency of a minor, three years, suspended to two days and three years probation.
  David Deaun Smith, shoplifting $2000 or less, five years, suspended to 129 days time served and five years probation. Artis D’Lante A Jene McGraw Foster, simple possession of marijuana, 30 days, suspended to two days time served.
  Brian Maxie Rhodes possession of controlled substance in Sched. I to V, 1st offense, 90 days, suspended to seven days times served. Albert Nole Mosley, failure to stop for a blue light, 90 days, suspended to one day times served. Taras Michael Parker, DUI 1st, 30 days.

Friends Continue Tradition

  Jasper T. Moon Jr., Leroy Chapman, and Colie Long Jr. enjoying the nice weather on a charter boat in Maryland Chesapeake Bay. The Coronavirus pandemic severely hampered this year’s fishing, including their annual trip to Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, for seabass; however, they were able to get together last week to fellowship and do a litter fishing before the season’s end.
  They all were reared in the Hollywood Community of Saluda, South Carolina, starting their education at Hollywood Elementary/Middle School. Chapman left Saluda in 1961 for Washington, DC, finding employment with the Department of the Navy. Moon went into the military in 1963, traveling to many states and foreign countries while serving in the United States Army, including the Republic of Vietnam, and ending his career in Washington, DC. Long left Saluda in 1964, joining Chapman at the Department of the Navy. Although Moon’s path took him in different directions, the trio stayed in contact with each other before reuniting in the Washington area.
  Chapman and Moon still subscribe to the Saluda Standard Sentinel for hometown information. They all agree that the values they learned while growing up in Saluda propelled them to the pinnacle of life they now enjoy.