Chairman Remembered

LATE CHAIRMAN REMEMBERED - Late County Council Chairman Jerry Strawbirdge was remembered in Councilman Frank Daniel’s invocation Mon., Feb. 14. Strawbridege’s chair was draped by a black ribbon.

Late County Council
Chairman Remembered

  Saluda County Council remembered their late chairman, Jerry Strawbridge, at the Mon., Feb. 14, meeting.
  Strawbridge’s chair was draped by a black ribbon, and Councilman Frank Daniel remembered the Strawbridge  family in his invocation.
  Daniel, Jack Atkinson, Acting Chairman Justin Anderson and Carey Bedenbaugh all expressed their condolences. Bedenbaugh thanked the many county employees who attended Strawbridge’s funeral the day before at Rehoboth United Methodist Church.
  The meeting began on a public hearing on an ordinance granting a fee in lieu of ad valorem taxes for Project Thunder II, and authorizing the expansion of a multi-county business park. No one spoke except an official with the solar company, who volunteered to answer any questions from the council members, but none were asked,
  In the old business, council gave third reading approval of the Project Thunder ordinance,  second reading  to an the ordinance creating and establishing the four single-member election districts for the election of County Council members. It will replace the 2011 ordinance and second reading was given to an ordinance authorizing the expansion of the boundaries of a multi-county business park to include certain parcels of real property comprising the project and to provide for a special source revenue credit agreement by and between Saluda County, and BOJ of WNC, LLC and SC Saluda Main, LLC, with respect to certain economic development property in the county, and other matters related thereto.
  In new business, Council voted to pay the $36,000 employer health insurance increase from contingency.
  Council approved purchasing a used federal/state surplus vehicle from Vehicle Reserve for the coroner’s office, and setting the currently used vehicle aside to serve as a  back-up.
  The Fire Coordinators vehicle was added to the Enterprise Lease Program.
  Being the meeting was held on Valentine’s Day, it was adjourned after 20 minutes.


PAST RECIPIENTS - Past recipients of the Saluda County Firefighter of the Year pose with John and Kelly White of State Farm - Kelly White Agency.

TOP HONOR - Lauren Yonce of the Mayson Fire Department was named the Saluda County Firefighter of the Year. The plaqur was presented by Kelly White of State Farm - Kelly White Agency.

Yonce Named Firefighter Of Year

  State Farm-Kelly White Agency was  presented the 2021 the Saluda County Firefighter Award to Lauren Yonce, member of Mayson Fire Department.
  They agency has sponsored the award for the past 24 years. They were also proud to have a reunion of the past recipients.
  Andy Horne received the Rookie SCFS award and Danny Longshore was the SCFS officer of the year.
  The dinner was held at St.Paul UMC in the Family Life Center. The beautiful table decorations were arranged by Julia Wills and Amy Price. Mrs. Wills shared that no one can fill the firefighters boots and we truly all appreciate each firefighter’s dedication and loyal service to each citizen of Saluda County.