Hopkins Recognized

Governor Recognizes
Hunter Hopkins

Saluda’s Hunter Hopkins was recognized by Gov. Henry McMaster during the State of the State address Wed., Jan. 19.
  His senior year at Saluda High School, Hunter, son of George and Kim Quattlebaum Hopkins, was selected for the ClemsonLIFE progam.
  The ClemsonLIFE™ Program at Clemson University is designed for students with intellectual disabilities who desire a postsecondary experience on a college campus.
  ClemsonLIFE released the following”
  “Earlier this year we had the honor to host Gov. Henry McMaster to tour and learn more about ClemsonLIFE and the impact Post Secondary programs have on students and communities. He pledged $750,000 to scholarships for South Carolina residents attending post secondary programs.
  This week during his state of the state address he announced he has increased that scholarship budget to $4.3 MILLION. This is INCREDIBLE news for South Carolina residents!
  One of our students, Hunter along with our leader Erica, as well as students and staff from Caro-linaLIFE were invited to attend the address and meet with the Governor this week.
  Disability rights are human rights. Scholarships for students with disabilities are essential to the future success, inclusiveness and equity for people with disabilities. College IS an option for EVERYONE. Thank you Gov. McMaster.
  We believe:
  -That all young adults go through a similar development process that requires certain activities, experience and support.
  -That all young adults must develop skills and an understanding about themselves and the world around them in order to fully participate in society and to become successful, contributing adults.
  -That higher education is a vehicle for self-empowerment and access to social networks, employment, and independence.
  -That group membership provides essential motivation and support for learning and participation in community life.

Photo Star Courthouse

The Saluda County Courthouse is always the “star” attraction on the rare occasion when the community gets snow. The Standard-Sentinel took our obligatory Courthouse picture, but we liked these better. Top photo, Zac Thomas filmed drone footage all over town. This is a still of the Courthouse like we’ve never seen. Middle, Marsha Riley drove to town when the snow started and got this photo. Bottom, Tom Dorsey made a run to the store when the snow started, and decided to  take some snow photos while he was in town. Thanks to all the contributors!