Cases Surge

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GETTING VACCINATIONS -  The parking lot at the Saluda County Education Complex was full Sat., 8, as citizens came to get their Covid vaccinations and boosters. (Standard-Sentinel photo)

Covid Cases

  Like the rest of the state, Covid cases are skyrocketing in Saluda County.
  In the last two weeks, the county has seen nearly 500 new cases. The cases per 100,000 has risen from 293.1 two weeks ago to 2262 this week.
  The schools have seen many students and teachers out, and some classes have go0ne virtual.
  Following is this week’s report:

3152 County COVID
Cases, 50 Deaths

  Saluda County’s COVID-19  cases total 3152 (2569 actual, 583 probable), with 50 deaths (2847  last week).
  The county had 2262 cases per 100,000, classified as a high incidence.  Last week, the figure was   982.0 cases per 100,000 with a high incidence rating. Twenty-three weeks ago, the Saluda County figure was 14.7 cases per 100,000 with a low incidence rating.
  The number of tests given in Saluda County is 36,789. Saluda County has had 10,567  citizens who have started or completed the vaccination process.
  Counties neighboring Saluda had the following cases (3 weeks): Aiken - 20,055 - 21,008 -  22,477;   Edgefield - 3,619 - 3,801 - 4,083;  Greenwood -  12,372 - 13,250 - 14,734; Lexington - 44,859 - 48,924 - 54,837; Newberry - 6,628 - 7,168 - 8,209.
  Fri.., Jan. 14, 15,409 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed by state Department of Health and Environmental Control, with 28 confirmed deaths.
  Positive tests are at 31.8 percent.
  The state total is 907,252, with probable cases   245,873. Confirmed deaths  are  12,876 and  2,038 probable deaths.
  Be Positive You’re Negative
  DHEC urges South Carolinians to be positive you're negative by routinely getting tested if you're regularly out in the community.  DHEC-sponsored testing is free, doesn't require insurance, and results are available within 72 hours. DHEC's testing options have expanded to include shallow nasal testing, an oral swab, or a saliva test at different locations.
  In Saluda County, 10,567 citizens have started vaccinations, 8781 have completed the series. The county’s population aged  12+ is 17,318.
  The local sites giving vaccinations are Emmanuel Family Clinic - Saluda (Public health provider – Rural Health Clinic), 501 West Butler Ave, Saluda, SC 29138.,  the Saluda County Health Department, Mondays and Wednesdays,445-2141, and CVS, appointment, walk-in.

Arrests Made

  Over the January 8 weeikend, deputies arrested Devin Storm McLemore (pictured left) for a variety of offenses resulting from a traffic stop.
  McLemore has been charged with Unlawful Carrying of a Firearm, Trafficking Methamphetamine, Possession with Intent to Distribute Heroin, Possession with Intent to Distribute Fentanyl and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. During McLemore’s arrest, and subsequent inventory of his vehicle, deputies observed several items that were suspected to have been stolen. During a separate investigation, it was confirmed the items of interest were in fact stolen from a burglary and motor vehicle break-in from the Hollywood community of Saluda County just before deputies stopped McLemore for the traffic violations. McLemore will face additional charges stemming from these incidents as well.
  Also on January 8, 2022, deputies were conducting traffic enforcement on Greenwood Highway near the Good Hope Community of Saluda County. Deputies attempted to make a traffic stop on a vehicle driven by Lance Edmond (pictured right) for a speeding violation. Edmond refused to stop for the blue lights and siren and turned abruptly onto a private drive and eventually drove his vehicle into a wooded area striking several trees. Edmond then attempted to flee on foot. Edmond was tracked with the Saluda County Sheriff’s Office K9 for approximately 100 yards and taken into custody. Edmond has been charged with Failure to Stop for Blue Lights 2nd Offense, Driving Under Suspension, and Habitual Offender.