Tidbits - November 25, 2021


  So, I bought a box of Red Lobster cheese biscuit mix.
  I’ve mixed up  a batch  before, but it’s  been some time.
  I got all my ingredients together, mix, cheese and water.
  The mix and the cheese went into the bowl first, then I poured in my 3/4 cup of water.
  Uh, oh. Something wasn’t right. My mix had turned to soup.
  It didn’t take me long to find out I had used a 2-cup measuring cup, and instead of adding 3/4 cup of water, I added 1 3/4 cups, and you can’t remove a cup of water once it has been poured into the mix.
  The mix only cost  $2, so the simplest thing to do would  be the throw it away. But, who likes simple.
  I decided to make cheese biscuit cookies. I got out the cookie sheet, covered it with aluminum foil, and spooned on some slop. I baked it the required 14-16 minutes.
  The concoction looked promising, except I forgot to spray the foil with Pam. What small portion I could peal off the foil tasted pretty good. I had to chunk this experiment.
  Then I wondered if we had a muffin tin. I pulled out the drawer at the bottom of the stove that I found out recently was designed for keeping food warm, not for storing pots and pans, and there wedged in the side was muffin tin.
  After a thorough washing, the pan was sprayed with Pam, I spooned in some more slop, and baked for the required time.
  This turned out pretty well, even though the “muffins” still stuck to the side. The inside was still a little moist, but how do you bake soup?
  I still had some mixture left, and my next quest was to see if I could find any of those papers used when some of you make cupcakes.
  I opened a cabinet in the kitchen, and there on right corner of the middle shelf was a container of bake cups, copyrighted 1996.
  How lucky can you get. I had enough batch let to fill the cup-lined, six slots in the tin. This time, I baked them longer hoping the inside would completely cook.
  Didn’t happen. You can’t bake soup.
  The slop muffins were pretty good. I ate ten out of 12 of them, saving two for the next day.
  I’m going to buy a couple more boxes of Red Lobster cheese biscuit mix this week. I don’t want the warranty to expire on my 25-year-old bake cups!

  I found a 1997 Standard-Sentinel this week, and the lead front page story was about Saluda High head football coach Lee Sawyer resigning to take the position of defensive coordinator under Greenwood High’s new head coach Shell Dula.
  A smaller story announced Sawyer’s Saluda assistant coach Mike Anthony had taken the head coaching job at Union High School, succeeding Dula. Mike had great success at Union, winning several state titles.
  When Harvey Livingston resigned as Saluda’s football coach to go into administration, Supt. Dr. Pete Stone, a Union native, hired Mike’s defensive coordinator at Union Wayne Bell to be Saluda’s new head coach. He not only brought his wife Denise and sons, Austin, Ty and Noah, he also brought a young assistant coach who played for him at Union,, named Stewart Young. Tiger fans know Austin, Ty and Noah were fine Saluda football players, with Noah quarterbacking the Tigers to the state championship in 2019.
  After several years at Greenwood, Lee was named head coach at Strom Thurmond, where he won a state title. His offensive coordinator Doug Painter succeeded Wayne as Saluda’s head coach. When Doug retired, Stewart was awarded the head coaching job.
  Twenty-four years ago, a great bit of Saluda High football future history began. Little did we know!

    Just like always, when you get so mad you hate the Carolina football program, the Gamecocks pull an upset and you have to love them again.
    Carolina beat Auburn 21-17, after losing to Missouri the week before, and became bowl eligible.
    In truth, the 6-5 Gamecocks should have beaten Kentucky and Missouri, but failed to pull those games out. Had they won those games, Shane Beamer would have been 8-3 in this first year heading into the Clemson game and a future statue.
  Everyone loves Shane Beamer, apparently.
  “Big Game Boomer” Instagram site rated the 25 most likable/unlikable head coaches in college football.
  Beamer was ranked as the No. 2 most likable, behind Lane Kiffen, believe it or not.
  The most unlikable coach is Dabo Swinney. I thought only Carolina fans did not like Dabo, but apparently it’s nationwide. Jim Harbaugh is number two, and Dan Mullen, Brian Kelly an Justin Fuente round out the top five. Since this came out, Mullen and Fuente have been fired. I think Dabo, Harbaugh and Kelly are safe.
  The big game is Saturday. The way Clemson played earlier in the year, I thought the Gamecocks had a chance this season, but Clemson returned to its old dominating ways against a good Wake Forest team last Saturday, and should be highly favored.
  I don’t see the Gamecocks having chance, because the offense is still weak, and Clemson’s strong suit is its defense,   but, I didn’t think Carolina would beat Florida or Auburn.
  I’ll set the recorder and wait for my watch to give me the final score!