Trip To Store May Have Been Life Saving

Trip To Store May Have Been Life Saving

  James Valentine’s decision to go to the store to buy a soft drink before the Wed., July 6, storm may have saved his life.
  When he returned to his Graham Street, Saluda, home after the storm, he discovered a tree had literally split his house into two parts.
  Valentine has cancer and takes medication.
  “I usually lay down after I take my medicine,” Valentine said.
  Had he taken his medicine instead of going to the store, Valentine would have been in peril, because the tree fell through the living room and bedroom where Valentine would have been resting.
  Valentine would like to thank those who have assisted him, since the storm.

Council Approves
Ordinance Readings

  Saluda County Council spent much of the Mon., July 11, meeting approving readings of ordinances.
  Second reading of the ordinance to adopt the County Comprehensive Plan, compiled by the Planning Commission, was approved. Updated plans are mandated by the state.
  County Council Chairman Don Hancock said the complete plan may be found on the county website.
  Second reading of the ordinance to have the County Registration and Elections office conduct elections for the Town of Ridge Spring  was also approved. Ridge Spring will pay all expenses. The county has the same agreement with the Town of Saluda.
  First reading of an ordinance allowing the Association of Counties to serve as a debt collection agent for the county.
  Along with that, first reading was approved for an ordinance to establish a $50 administrative fee collected on delinquent accounts set by the Association of Counties set off debt program for ambulance service in Saluda County.
  Council agreed to enter in an independent auditing service agreement for Saluda County Detention Center’s Prison Rape Elimination Act Standards. Deputy Jail Administrator Lorine Kelley presented the information.
  Larry J. Payne was appointed to the Saluda County Airport Commission.
  Regarding what happened last week, Councilwoman Gwen Shealy, at the beginning of the meeting, expressed appreciation to the county law enforcement officers and emergency workers for what they do.
  “You are our guardian angels,” she said.

New Exhibit at the Museum

  The Saluda County Historical Society would like to thank each person that contributed to the Vietnam War exhibit. It was seen and appreciated by many people. The exhibit ended on July 1st.
  We are currently setting up an exhibit to emphasize black history in our area. It is to coincide with the Daniel-Jay Family Reunion tour planned for Saluda County on July 22, 2016. Other family names include Graham, Hurley, and Bugg. If you would like to loan items to display please bring them to the Museum from 10:00-4:00 week days. Some items of interest would be Riverside annuals, church histories, crafts, and quilts. The exhibit will last for three months then you will be able to pick your items up.
  The Saluda County Historical Society hopes that everyone will come to the Museum to appreciate and learn from our new exhibit.