Tidbits - May 28, 2020


  With all the days running together, the thought hit me as I drove to Greenwood to pick up the paper Tuesday - Memorial Day!
That holiday falls on Monday, of course, which is also the day the paper is normally printed. I texted Bill at the Index-Journal and soon learned I needed to get next week’s paper to the Index by 10:30 a.m. Friday.
  It’s hard enough getting news in these COVID-19 times, but getting a paper together in three days is a daunting task.
  It also hard to come up with my column contents,
  Wednesday, we had another church related Zoom meeting. This one involved opening the church back up on June 14.
  All on the Reset Committee were sent a 25-page directive.
  Among the suggestions were: no singing, no passing the play, no communion, no touching, no nothing.
  As a choir director and worship leader, I cannot imagine a church service with no singing. I can understand, however. More particles are expended from your mouth when you sing.
 How long will this directive last? Will there be no Christmas cantatas this year?
 The 25-page report suggests putting offering plates at the entrances and exits.
  I can understand no communion, and I have to wonder when and if we will ever have communion as we know it again. I know you can purchase individual communion packets with juice and a wafer. Maybe, that is the way.
 Did you see the news clip of the Catholic priest dispersing Holy Water with a water pistol?
 Years ago, we started the intinction communion method, where we’d be given a piece of bread and we’d dip the bread in a common cup of juice.
  Several did not like that method, and I said if the Lord allowed you to get sick taking communion, then something is not right.
  Now, it’s not a joke.
  We’ve been having video services at Emory and Nazareth the past few weeks and they have been good. We could sing!
  Sunday, both churches are going to have drive-up services.
  We must stay in our cars, and not socialize before or after.
  We can exit our cars to go in every story in town, but we can’t get out of our cars at church.
  It’s a different world. I’m ready for normal.
  After the Memorial Day revelation, I then said, “Vacation!”
  Yes, that is coming up soon, and I’ll have to get out two papers in one week again.
  They’ll be no golf this year. Our Parris family cancelled their house reservations.
  Will the theaters be open, restaurants, shopping centers?
  We know the ocean will  be there, but I no longer go in the water.
  I’m loading my iPad with books!