Tidbits - March 26, 2020



  Week one was a learning experience.
  For me, it wasn’t a whole lot of change. I had to get the newspaper out, so I followed mostly the same routine.
  Toward the end of the week, the office was opened mostly in the morning or not a all. I can work at home.
  Like you all, I took stock of what I had around the house.
  I lucked up and bought a 12-roll pack of toilet paper at Big Lots the week before the unexplainable run, so to speak, on the product began.
  No one knows why people are buying up toilet paper. The stores selling the product are not closing.
  I only had one more roll of paper towels, so that was a shopping goal during the week. I accomplished that on Thursday.
  Also, I needed another loaf of bread.
  I don’t cook, so I  bought canned goods and frozen food, but I couldn’t find bread. So, my brilliant mind thought of canned biscuits, and I  bought about four tens.
  I had a bologna, tomato and cheese biscuit the other night. Of course, I had to bite off the cheese and bologna over run.
  I may mash down the next tin to bread size. Will that work?
  I may not need it,  because I found a loaf of bread Saturday morning.
  Drive-thrus are still open. Some sit-down restaurants are doing carry-outs, and we, the customers, appreciate it.
 I have not found any hand sanitizer, but I have a couple of bottles at home.
  Sunday morning the thought hit me ... after shave and cologne. From what I’ve read for the sanitizer to be effective, it has to have alcohol content over 60 percent.
  Remember, Kevin in “Home Alone” when he slapped Brut on his cheeks? The pain was caused by alcohol.
 I looked it up. Most after shaves and colognes have over 60 percent alcohol. Some go as high as 90 percent.
  I used to collect Avon cologne bottles, when they came in designs and I never used any of the contents. I’m set for life, and my hands will smell good!
  Sunday morning was different. I miss church one Sunday a year when I go on vacation, but like most of us, I attended church on Facebook Sunday.
  Our pastor, Ken Freeman, preached from Emory over the Nazareth Facebook page. Ken plays the piano and has a beautiful singing voice, so he did it all, literally. He even lit the candles.
  After one of he songs, I commented this was the first time I had ever harmonized to an iPad.
  I followed our service by watching First Baptist in Columbia, who had some in-house singers, as well as replays of the massive choir’s “greatest hits.”
  I used the week to finished reading “Where the Crawdads Sing.” This book was a massive best seller, but I have been trying to read it since last June.
  I just couldn’t get into it. About a third way through, it began to get more interesting, but I was not surprised by the surprise ending.
  I’m glad I completed this 10-month project! Now, I can get into some of the many other books saved to my Kindle collection.
  With no live sports on TV, I haven’t had a problem finding something to watch. I’ve got Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Disney+.
  I got the Disney free for a year, because I am an unlimited Verizon customer. I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s not just “Snow White,” it’s “Avengers End Game,” too.
  The newer releases, like “Frozen 2” quickly make it to Disney+.
  I have favorites on all the other streaming services. I particularly love British crime TV programs, even though I can’t understand the language at times.
  This coming week will bring new challenges, I’m sure.
  Take care of yourselves and pray for each other.


  The two players to have the greatest football receiving seasons in Saluda High history, Dallan Wright and Trevor Deloach, were also all All-State basketball players.
  This week I learned of another receiver, who turned out to be a pretty good basket player.
  His junior year, this receiver caught 60 passes for 1200 yards and 16 touchdowns. He also ran a 4.6 40, which is pretty good for someone 6-8, weighing 230 pounds. He was called the number one football prospect in his state.
  His name - Lebron James!
  Can you imagine a 5-7 defensive back trying to guard him. It reminds of the video circulating on social media of the 5-6 kid trying to guard Zion Williamson in high school. The kid, whoever he is, has become a viral star overnight!


  I posted a baby picture on Facebook of my cousin Larry Thompson who died of cancer in 1992 at the age of 45.
  Another cousin, Lewie Shealy, commented, “Larry was great, good looking, nice, great attitude, good friend gone way too soon, We don’t ever know, folks. Be safe.”
  That night, Wednesday, Lewie had a massive stroke and he died Friday.
  It stunned his many friends.
  Lewie has had health issues for years, but it never stopped his sense of humor.
  We grew up about a mile apart. I was four months older.
  His dad, Richard, and my dad, Shake, were first cousins and great friends.
  I have so many memories of Lewie.
  When we were kids, we went horseback riding one day, he on a full grown female horse, Pat, and I on a male Shetland pony spawned by the devil, Charlie Brown.
  We were riding down the Batesburg Hwy., Charlie and I following Lewie and Pat, when Charlie tried to get amorous with Pat. She didn’t like it, and kicked Charlie in he head, which caused him to buck and I ended up in the middle of the highway.
  Thank goodness this was the early 60s, when there was little traffic. Today, I would have been a goner.
  Another of our moments came in the 1963 Dixie Youth All-Star game in Laurens.
  We were getting beat by Abbeville 16-3, and I got put in for “mop up” pitching duty in the top of the sixth.
  Lewie was the catcher and  knew I was wild, so before I faced the first batter, he came out to mound and said, “I’m burning up and I think I’m going to throw up. Don’t start walking them. Let them hit.”
  I took his advise. I let them hit it, and they  hit it, and hit it, and hit it some more. When we finally got the third out the score was 26-3. Lewie’s advise didn’t work.
  We also teamed up to win third place with our crane that Richard “helped” us build for the Science Fair. Is it too late to be disqualified?
  I could fill a book with the stories.
  Lewie was more than a cousin.
  When I was going through bankruptcy, Lewie and Donna Rankin invited me to supper at Dopey’s in Newberry.
  I soon found out the purpose of the supper was to encourage me and offer me support in that trying time.
  That’s what friends are for.
  I’m sure going to miss Lewie. Hardly a day passed that he didn’t comment on something I posted on Facebook.
  All who knew him loved him. He is the 18th member of our Class of 69 to go too soon.
  Rest in peace, old friend.