Emergency Ordinance

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Council Council Issues
Emergency Ordinance

  Whereas, the Governor of South Carolina, by Executive Order 2020-08 has declared that a state of emergency exists by virtue of the threat posed by the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (“COVlD-l9”); and
  Whereas, Saluda County has taken and must continue to take, all necessary and appropriate actions in proactively preparing for and promptly responding to the COVID-19; and
  Whereas, as cases of COVID-19 increase, Causing an imminent threat to the health and safety of citizens and visitors to Saluda County, it is necessary for the County to implement emergency planning for anticipated problems and prepare for emergency actions needed to confront the challenges of this public health emergency.
  Now, therefore, be it ordained, in accordance with South Carolina Code of Laws Title 4, Article 9, Section 130 and Saluda County Code of Ordinances Chapter 10, Section l0-35, declares that a state of emergency exists, and that the threat thereof is imminent, and extraordinary measures are deemed necessary to cope with the existing and anticipated situation.
  Be it further ordained, that the Saluda County Council hereby declares, enacts, ordains, and orders the following:
  l. The Saluda County Director is authorized to take any necessary actions for protections of the health, safety, and welfare of Saluda County citizens and visitors including but not limited to the following:
  a. Utilize all available resources of county and municipal government as reasonably necessary to cope with the COVID-l9 emergency; and
  b. Transfer the direction, personnel or functions of county departments and agencies or units thereof for purposes of facilitating or performing emergency services as necessary or desirable; and
  c. Implement the duties and functions assigned in the County Emergency Operations Plan, and
  d. Modify personnel policies to ensure essential public services are met but also limiting unnecessary travel, protecting personnel by utilizing liberal leave for quarantine and isolation, modifying sick leave policies for those individuals who are immune suppressed, infected, otherwise need isolation for suspected infection, or have no other means to care for their K-12 children who are subject to state ordered school closings, and authorizing remote access to the workplace by employees as assigned duties allow; and
  e. Temporarily suspend or alter board, commission, committee, or other similar meetings or authorize remote attendance electronically, temporarily alter open hours or close certain County facilities, temporarily suspend activities and programs including the organized use of county recreation facilities, and other temporary measures that prohibit the unnecessary congregation of people, including the closing of county facilities to members of the general public; and to
  f. Authorize the County Director to suspend the procurement procedures for individual purchases and to implement alternative purchasing procedures, and
  g. Authorize the County Director to allocate funding to emergency expenditures attributable to the departments necessary during the state of emergency. Any emergency allocation will not require an ordinance and will be reflected in subsequent budget amendments; and
  h. Contract, requisition, and compensate for goods and services from private sources; and i. Prescribe routes, modes of transportation and destinations in connection with evacuations or relocations that have been ordered by the Governor of South Carolina, if any; and
  j. Suspend or limit nonemergency activities and prohibit public assemblies; and
  k. Implement curfews or quarantines to prevent the spread of infection; and
  l. Any and all other actions deemed necessary for the preservation of the health, safety, and welfare of citizens, residents, and visitors to Saluda County, South Carolina. This ordinance shall remain in force until emergency conditions associated with COVID-19 have subsided and the emergency activities in Saluda County are no longer necessary to protect the life and property of our citizens, or upon the sixty-first (6lst) day alter the effective date of this emergency ordinance. Effective this l9th day of March, 2020, in the County of Saluda South Carolina.
ATTEST: Karen T. Whittle
Clerk of Court
J. Frank  Daniel, Sr.,
Vice-Chairman .
Justin Anderson,
Council Member
Jones Butler,
Council Member
Wayne Grice,
Council Member

Saluda County Has
First COVID-19 Case

  Saluda County’s first COVID-19 case was officially reported by DHEC on Thurs., Mar. 19.
  The Ridge Spring Family Practice sent out the following notice:
  “We recently treated a patient at Ridge Spring Family Practice who was later tested at Lexington Medical Center and found to be positive for COVID-19. In compliance with the CDC guidelines for healthcare workers, we are restricting our staff from coming into the office for 14 days. After consultation with DHEC, we have already contacted any patients that may have come into contact with the affected patient.
  We have routed the phones to another of our sites so that we can continue to respond to your questions and needs. We have staff available to take your call and, where possible, are happy to assist you with possibly being seen at another one of our locations. We are also working with our pharmacy to help ensure seamless access to prescriptions you may be needing. For all patient questions or concerns, please call 803-685-3100. We plan to reopen this office on April 1.”
  The county has followed the directives of the Governor.
  Restaurants are serving take our orders only. Most churches were closed Sunday and services were broadcast by the pastors over the internet.
  Despite not having large gatherings, many churches are reaching out to the community. Radius Church , for instance, was the site Fri., Mar. 20, for an organzed food delivery to school children. Nearly 90 bags of good were delivered.
  Stores were depleted of paper supplies and bread, but shelves got restocked as quickly as possible. The crowds at the stores got smaller as the week progressed.
  Saluda County Schools supplied over 2000 lesson packets, and a food pickup and delivering schedule is printed in today’s edition.

71st Annivesary

Bobby and Lou Frances Crouch had an unusual 71st anniversary celebration on Mar. 18. Since Saluda Nursing Center is not allowing vistors due to the coronavirus, and Lou Frances is a resident there, Bobby had to greet his wife at the window. They talked to each other over cell phones. (Photo by Kayla Matthews)