Chairman Primary Results

Strawbridge Wins Primary

  Jerry Strawbrigdge won the Jan. 21 Republican Primary to fill the unexpired term of County Council Chairman, Derrick Jones, who resigned.
  Stawbridge got 879 votes to challengers Wesley Boland’s 433, and Billie Corley’s 186.
  Because he tallied 58.7 percent of the vote, a runoff will not be necessary, as is usually the case in a three person race.
  Strawbridge will now meet Democrat Darren Horne in the Special Election on Tues., Mar. 24.
  Turn-out was light, with only one precinct, Mt. Willing, topping 20 percent of voters, and that was only 21.4 percent.
  Seven precincts, Del-mar, Fruit HIll,  Holstons, Pleasant Cross, Ridge Spring-Monetta, Saluda No. 1 and Ward,  had under ten percent turnout.
  Ridge Spring-Monetta had the lowest turnout, 3.11 percent.
  There was some confusion at two of the precincts. Saluda No. 2 voted at St. Paul United Church, and Saluda No. 1 voted at Riverside.
  Both of these new locations, however, were listed in the legal election notice published in this newspaper.

Officers Receive Medal Of Valor

  Three men with Saluda County ties were among 18 law enforcement officers from around the state to be presented the  South Carolina Sheriffs’ Association  “Medal of Valor Award” Thurs., Jan. 23, in Columbia.
  Receiving the award were: Chief Deputy Toby Horne, and   Lieutenant Donovan Shealy of Saluda County Sheriff’s Office, and Special Agent Russ Padgett, SC Law Enforcement Division. All three men wee nominated by Saluda County Sheriff John Perry.
  According to the descripption, “The recipients of these awards have performed actions above and beyond the call of duty; exhibited exceptional courage ... acted with unusual swiftness, regardless of his or her personal safety, in an attempt to save or protect human life.”
  Pictured above are, L to R, Scheree and Donovan Shealy, Sheriff John Perry, Toby Horne and his daughter  Ariel, Russ and Brittin Padgett. (Photo by Sgt. John Coon)


Shaw Receives Distribution
Operator Of Year Recognition

George Shaw, Distribution Superintendent for Saluda County Water and Sewer Authority (SCWSA) won the WEASC Capital District as the Distribution Operator of the Year Award in Lexington, on January 16th.  There are over 1000 members to the WEASC Capital District.
  This operator is a 59-year-old Eagle Scout.  George is the last of the first for this utility.  That means he is the last employee is still working that was hired at the origination of this utility.  With all of the ups and downs of a start-up utility he moved his way up the rank to distribution superintendent.  This business is in his blood.  His grandfather designed the a nearby Water Treatment Plant.  George is without question devoted to his community and seeing it improve.
  George is excellent at training and teaching young operators from the ground up.  He displays patience but is assertive when needed.  This operator wants more than anything is to leave this utility better than he found it.  The key, to him, correctly, is to pass on the institutional knowledge that he has acquired.  To his manager, he is invaluable because he is the right person for the job.  He doesn’t need motivating, managing or prescribing minute details of how to do his job.  He is the type of person that shows up to work on his vacation days.  This employee that can’t help but to seek the best and improve this utility.  It is inexorably linked to his personality and his character.  This operator does more with less.  He is constantly evaluating what must be done.  He has an extraordinary ability to fix, repair and replace with severe limitations resources.  You might just want to call him MacGyver.
  One example from this year, imagine what you would tell your loved ones if you had to leave the Thanksgiving table.  This operator was called just after noon on Thanksgiving by the on-call operator that at major 16-inch waterline ruptured and needed to be repaired immediately.  Imagine he did leave the table and then he got all the other operators to do the same.  It took until 6:30 PM to fix the line break.  This operator has instilled in his employees a commitment to his utility that few possess.  SCWSA is lucky to have George Shaw!