2020 Chairman Prinary

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County Council Chairman
Primary Tuesday, January 21

  The Republican Primary to elect a nominee for Saluda County Council Chairman will be held Tues., Jan. 21.
  The special primary was made necessary by the resignation of County Council Chairman Derrick Jones.
  Three men have filed was Republican candidates.  The winner will face Democrat Darren Horne on March 24.
  Wesley Boland, Billie Corley and Jerry Stanfield are seeking the position.
  Boland, a Saluda business owner, is the son of the late Linda Boland, who served many years on County Council.
  Like Boland, Corley is a Saluda County native. He was worked for Saluda County for 21 years. currently heading the Road and Bridge Department.
  Strawbridge retired from the National Guard as a Sgt.Major, after serving 40 years. He is also a former Saluda County Republican Party Chairman.
  “Being a small business owner for over 10 years at B&B Trade & Gun on Main Street in downtown Saluda, I have learned and experienced the intricacies of how taxes and fees affect the every-day citizen of our county,” Boland said. 
  “This is a pivotal time to bring change.  In order to tackle and overcome the financial woes our beautiful county is facing, I believe that ‘We the People’ of Saluda County need to work together as a team.  I am positive that our unity, hard work and due diligence will create solutions, and we will persevere.  I look forward to listening to all thoughts and concerns and working with our community members for the best possible approach for our people.  You will be heard! “
  “It is quite obvious that Saluda County has a need, Corley said.
  “The financial condition is in disarray. Several quick fixes have been suggested but as of now no real answers have come forward. I feel that a long term solution needs to be found and implemented. Having been a Saluda County employee and department head for the last 21 years, I am quite aware of the budget process and the practice of staying within that budget. I’m not a politician, but I feel that by using common sense and working together we can get it done.’
  “The position of Chairman requires someone that can face the hard reality of the situation and provide unwavering optimism that Saluda County will come out of this fine,’ Strwbridge said..  “Luckily, I’ve been part of a similar mission with Saluda County Water and Sewer Authority (SCWSA).  SCWSA has been a part of a 20-year odyssey to build its own Water Treatment Plant.  With support from SCWSA’s board and staff, there are plans within the next year to expand infrastructure lines around the County and to a construct a Wastewater Treatment Plant to support all of Saluda County.  This was a team effort that I was lucky to be a part of.  It provided me with valuable experience and lessons that will draw from in working toward Saluda County’s turnaround. “
  With three candidate running, there is a likelihood of a run-off on Feb. 4.
  Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.

2019 Saluda County
Firefighter of the Year

  Tanner Quattlebaum, Saluda Fire Department, was named the 2019 Saluda County Firefighter of the Year at the annual dinner hosted by the Saluda Fire Department on January 6, 2020.
  Since joining the fire department in October 2009, Tanner has proven to be a respectable young man. His character and personality speaks for itself in that he takes responsibility to ensure that he does all he can to be successful as a member of the Saluda Fire Department and as a citizen of our fire community. He succeeded in Fire Fighter I and Fire Fighter II. He is a Fire Instructor I Basic EMT, OSHA certified fire fighter, pump ops, Hazmat and many more classes, too many to mention.
  When he was at Clemson University, he was on the Clemson Fire Department as a fire fighter and EMT until he graduated.
  He is a Lieutenant with the Saluda Fire Department, training officer and Fire Board Representative for the Saluda Fire Department.
  Tanner is pictured being presented the award by the State Farm-Kelly White Agency Team. Pictured form left to right are: John White, Kelly White, Tanner Quattlebaum and Mitzi Durst. Also part of the White Agency team are Sherri Ward and Laura Corley, who were unable to attend the dinner.
  Congratulations Tanner and thanks to all volunteer firefighters for their time and service.

SHS Tigers

  Players and Coach Stewart Young from the State Champion Saluda Tigers have received recent recognition.
  Quarterback Noah  Bell was named the Co-offensive Player of the Game in Saturday’s Border Bowl in Augusta. Bell completed 13 of 16 passes for 250 yards and three touchdowns in leading S.C. to a 23-20 come from behind win over Georgia.
  A week earlier Bell was named the 2A Player of the Year by the ‘High School Sports Report.”
   Bell’s teammates were also honored. Receiver Dallan Wright was named 2A’s Offensive Player of the Year, and Reagan Cherry was named Defensive Player of the year.
  Young was named the 2A Coach of  the Year.
  Tigers named 2A All State were receiver Jervon Whitt, and linebackers Jacob McCary and Hayden Cherry.
  Ridge Spring-Monetta had three players named 1A All-State, running back Collier Sullivan, defensive lineman Tray Dean and linebacker Nemo Brooks.