Tidbits - August 8 2019



  Emory members noticed something strange was going on as we neared our monthly communion service Sunday morning.
 Normally, when the offering collection is completed, the ushers, and two other members carrying the communion elements, walk down to the front during the singing of the “Doxology.”
  The pastor, Ken Freeman, took the offering plates and said a prayer. Then, Fulton Winn handed him the bread, but there was no one to hand him the juice!
  What was going on? I had witnessed our communion steward Terry Winn filling the little communion cups in the kitchen prior to Sunday School.
  Juiceless, Ken went on with the service. He broke the bread for the “this is my body,” and just has he was getting ready to do the “this my blood shed for you” part, Terry rushed down the aisle and handed Ken the single chalice we had used until the first of the year.
  Now, I was confused. The only thing I could figure is the tray carrying the cups was dropped.
  After church, I had to find out.
  I seems while she was pouring the grape juice, Terry noticed an odd smell. She determined the juice had soured, turned or fermented!
  How could that be? What juice is not used for the service is kept in the refrigerator to be used the following month. Apparently, this batch couldn’t handle the wait.
  During a hymn, Terry came up and told the preacher something.
  Later, he told me she said the juice had turned bad.
  After she made her discovery, Terry sent her husband Russell to town to get some fresh juice, but she didn’t have time to fill more cups.
  This is the second time the chalice has come in handy. A few months ago, Terry  filled  the amount of cups used every communion, but this Sunday we had three more people than cups filled. So, Terry rushed to the back and put juice in the chalice to finish things up.
  When Terry told me what happened, she invited me to the parlor where the tainted juice remained.
  I smelled it, and it did smell like wine. Then, I drank a cup and it tasted like grape juice!
  I don’ think we would have mass DUI arrests had we used the little cups, but it is better to be safe than sorry!


  Google hosted its annual ‘Google Camp’ near Palermo on the island of Sicily.
  It’s a three-day conference attended by 200 guests that includes discussions on technology, fashion, human rights and climate change.
  Included in the guest list were many Hollywood celebrities.
  So, to get to this climate change conference, the stars arrived in 114 private jets, luxury yachts and helicopters.
  According to one article, “Sources have told reporters that the cost of the event runs to $20 million and the flights laid on from Google’s Los Angeles base to the Verdura resort – the location of this year’s camp – would come to around 780 tonnes (metric tons) of CO2 emissions.”
  One regular attendee said, ‘There will likely be discussions about online privacy, politics, human rights, and of course, the environment, which makes it highly ironic that this event requires 114 private jets to happen,’ they said. ‘Everything is about global warming, that is the major topic this year.”
  So, the stars can talk about the horrors of global warning, but I guess their individual comfort comes first.
  One young global warming activist recognized the problem with planes, and said she was coming by boat. Unless, it was a sailboat, she didn’t solve the problem.
  Such hypocrites.
  It remind me of the stars who hawk gun control, then employ armed bodyguards.


  This coming presidential election is going to be colorful.
  Right now, the Democrats are in similar position as the Republicans last go round.
  The Republican had way too many candidates, and that paved the way for the lone maverick, Trump, to win the primary and then the election to president.
  You had 17 longtime Republican candidates losing to a man who had voted in only one Republican primary in his life.
  This year the Democrats have over 20 candidates running, and only a couple would you classify as normal. The rest are radical, very radical.
  I have been fascinated how freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become the new face of the Democratic party.
  She majored in international relations and economics at Boston University, graduating cum laude in 2011.
  She is one of those college graduates who was unable to find a job to go along with her college degree. Since college she has worked as a waitress and bartender before running for Congress in 2018.
  So a 29-year-old waitress/bartender is trying to tell the old coot lawyers what to do and how to vote. There’s nothing wrong with that.
  I did further research and read: “On February 7, 2019, Ocasio-Cortez submitted her first piece of legislation, the Green New Deal, to the Senate. She and Senator Ed Markey released a joint non-binding resolution laying out the main elements of a 10-year "economic mobilization" that would phase out fossil fuel use and overhaul the nation's infrastructure.
  According to CNBC, an initial outline the Green New Deal called for "completely ditching fossil fuels, upgrading or replacing 'every building' in the country and 'totally overhaul[ing] transportation' to the point where 'air travel stops becoming necessary'". The outline set a goal of having the U.S. "creating 'net-zero' greenhouse gases in 10 years.
 Activist groups such as Greenpeace and the Sunrise Movement came out in favor of the plan. No Republican lawmakers voiced support. The plan gained support from some Democratic senators, including Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Cory Booker. Other Democrats, such as Senator Dianne Feinstein and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, dismissed the proposal (Pelosi has referred to it as "the green dream, or whatever they call it").”
  Throw in ideas like this, with Medicare for all, and free college tuition, and you wonder how we are going to pay for all this?
  Do the Medicare for all proponents realize those of us on Medicare have to buy over a hundred dollars worth of supplements each month to make Medicare work better? Of course, they don’t. They have government paid insurance.
  The country is going to have to win the lottery ... all of them.


  Clemson is the number one team in the country going into the college football season.
  The defending National Champs certainly deserve the ranking.
  Clemson is probably the only team you can pencil in to the play-offs right now.
  The Tigers only play one ranked team, Texas A&M from the SEC.
  The ACC has only one other team ranked, Virginia Tech, and the Hokies and Tigers don’t meet during the regular season. The apparent weakness of the ACC is not Clemson’s fault.
  The Tigers could get upset by Texas A&M and win the rest of their games. As defending champs, they’ll be in the play-offs.
  While Clemson plays one ranked team, poor old Carolina plays six, including five of the top 11 and the top three.
  I firmly believe the Gamecocks will upset at least one of those six ranked teams. Of course, they need to beat the six unranked teams on the schedule to have a successful year.