Ridge Spring Grant

Ridge Spring Recieves Grant

Ridge Spring Moves Forward
with downtown revitalization

  Senator Nikki Setzler presented the Town of Ridge Spring with a $50,000 check from Parks Recreation and Tourism to be used in building an open air farmers’ market in the new plaza which will begin construction in October.
  The Downtown parking lot will be completely resurfaced with 24 additional parking spaces.  This project is being funded by a CDBG grant from Upper Savannah Council of Governments.
  Once phase one (parking plaza) is finished, we will move directly into phase two which will be the garden area beside the parking lot. We will be enlarging the garden area, adding the open air farmer’s market, a Veteran’s Memorial and a children’s splash park.  Saluda County Capital Project Tax has set aside $175,000 and Parks, Recreation and Tourism has presented us with $50,000 to begin work on the park.
Pictured above are. from right to left, Senator Nikki Setzler, Councilman Capers Asbill, Councilman Richard Christi, Councilman Cyrs Lybrand, and Mayor Pat Asbill.

School, County Budgets
Get Second Readings

  Saluda County Council gave second readings to the school and county budgets Mon., May 13.
  A public hearing was held on the school budget. No one spoke. A public hearing was scheduled on the county budget, but it was deferred to a later date.
  The local support portion of the school district’s $19,664,537 budget is $7551,956, minus revenues and credits reflected on tax receipts from Property Tax Relief, Homestead Exemption, Tier 3 Property Tax Relief, and Motor Carrier for a net amount of $4,867,802  from ad valorem taxes.
  The county budget currently stands at $13,365,734.50. The difference between revenue and expenditures is $1,483,622.00.
  Piedmont Technical College is requesting $225,178. They are funded through millage and this request is not included in the above figures.
  Council approved the hiring of Holt Consulting Company for engineering and consulting services at the Saluda County Airport.
  At the recommendation of Financial Services Coordinator Regina Turner, Council voted to hire Briten Janitorial of Edgefield for janitorial services. Six businesses submitted quotes for the job. The contract includes cleaning and floor care.
  Council gave first reading to an ordinance authorizing the transfer of funds from reserve fund  to balance the 2019-2020 fiscal year budget. This is not to exceed $1,483,622.
  The hiring of a summer intern for the Saluda County Library was approved.
  Interim Library Director Russell Altman said this position would be paid through a First Steps grant, and would require no county funding.
  Council approved a departmental freeze on spending until the next fiscal year begins July 1. Only normal bills and necessary purchases to perform the job and safely operate equipment and vehicles will be allowed.

Piedmont Tech Graduate from Saluda Receives Countywide Award for Academic Achievement - At Piedmont Technical College’s recent spring commencement exercises, outstanding students from each of the college’s seven supporting counties were honored for academic achievement. Adam Matthews, who graduated with an associate in science degree, was the honoree from Saluda County. He is pictured here with PTC Area Commission Chairman George Piersol, right.