2018 Miss Tiger

MISS TIGER - . Miss Tiger 2019 is Ryleigh West (center). The annual pageant was held Sat., Dec. 1, at Saluda High School. Winners were, L to R, Miss Senior Courtney Martin, Miss Junior Natalie Rikard, Miss West. Miss Sophomore Anna Ringer, and Miss Freshman Katelyn Marshall. (SHS photo by Dean Roesner)

Garden Clubs and Historical
Society Hold Open Houses

  The Saluda County Historical Society and Saluda’s two garden clubs, Pyracantha Garden Club and the Garden Club of Saluda, have joined together to hold open houses on Sunday afternoon December 16 from 2 until 4 p.m.
   The Historical Society’s two eighteenth century houses, Flat Grove known as the Bonham House, and the Marsh-Johnson House will be decorated as they would have been in times past.  The Saluda County Museum will also be open for visitors to come in and share a cup of hot cider before venturing out to see the houses.
  America, as we know from its beginning, was always a melting pot of people and cultures; and this is clearly reflected in our celebrations of Christmas.  Each nationality brought the customs of the motherland with it, customs that are still reflected in the ways we celebrate at this season of the year.
  Venture back in time to a much different approach for our colonial ancestors as they celebrated one of the holiest times of the year.  In their day there were no Black Fridays or Cyber Mondays; no malls crammed with frantic shoppers; no Amazon packages left on porches for thieves to steal. Though even then, the excitement of children was a large part of the Christmas celebration, their expectations were far less elaborate than are those of children today.
  In the days preceding Christmas, folks would have gone out to gardens and woods to collect armloads of greenery to “deck their halls.”  This imaginative use of greenery predates even Christianity, going back thousands of years.  Ancient Hebrew texts mention the use of them.  Since greenery symbolized eternity, it is not surprising that early Christians adopted the evergreen tree as the symbol of Christ, and that the use of greenery has become an integral part of the celebration of His nativity.  The Christmas tree comes to us from Germany where as early as the 1500s, having been introduces by Martin Luther, decorated trees were gracing Christian homes.  Pennsylvania Germans were decorating trees before the Revolution, but as unbelievable as it may seem, the Christmas tree did not become popular in the South until the 1840s.   What would Christmas be today without this iconic symbol?
  On Sunday you are invited to take a step back to a simpler, less complicated time when natural greenery, warm candle glow, and the closeness of family and friends were hallmarks of the celebration of Christmas.  There is no charge for the tour, but donations are always welcome to help in the maintenance and upkeep of these historic houses.

Gingerbread Houses on Display

The Fulmer Gingerbread houses are on display again this year at Saluda Realty. Each year the family gets together for a meal and then the afternoon is spent decorating the houses. ln the above photo, Kole Greene is shown with his house. lt is a fun family event and enjoyed by all.


  John and Susan Bennett invite you to share the Holiday season at our l3th Country Christmas.
  This yearly walk thru’ event is offered FREE, nightly to the public during the month of December. We are opened December 1"st- December 26“th,,6pm - 9pm.
  Enjoy numerous lighted displays, floats and wood art. Over 200,000 individual lights. See our miniature Christmas village in Santa’s house out back, while sampling our gift of hot chocolate and treats. Santa will visit on Friday nights,(when His schedule permits), so bring your cameras.
  Unfortunately, will he closed if rain or heavy winds occur.
  Located at 434 Fairfax Road, Saluda County. For more information or directions, call: 864-445-0009, or join us on Face Book at: https3//www,facebookcom/countrychristmas.bennett, and send us a friend request so you can keep up with openings and closings.
  Power donations are accepted, but never required. - Roadside parking, Driveway parking for the handicap. Church Buses welcome.
  Merry Christmas, “Love One Another”