Senior Honors

W. WYMAN KING ACADEMY CLASS OF 2017 - Pictured left to right are Valedictorian Karson Powell, Salutatorian Ben Buzhardt, and Class Speaker Texanna Miller.

SHS TOP TEN SENIORS - Front Row: Left to right; Andrew Michael Owens; Madison Rose Price; Emily Rose Dumont; Alyssa Deann Easle; Rosadelia Flores; Brandon Ivan Vasquez; Back: Josue’ Sanchez-Muno; Kaylee Ann Black; Lonnie Jacob Fulmer; Kennedy Noel Hudson. Junior Marshall - Left to right -  front row: Hector Daniel Ortiz; Erin Elise Rowe; Grant Christopher Collins; Bailey Rene’ Will; Anna Grace Hipp; Left to right - Back Row -  Malcolm Floyd Graham; Mary Grace Lake; Sarah McKenzie Shore; Adam Blake Robertson; Edgar Zamorano Morales.

New Landmark At The Lake

“Big Man,” is the new statue at Big Man’s Marina on Hwy. 391. It began its life as an unfinished, 7-ft. tall Bob’s Big Boy statue. Big Man Marina owner Duane Shealy has a friend in Arizona, who called to tell him about the statue he saw in a warehouse. He asked Duane if he wanted it. Duane said, “Yes.” He sent a truck to Arizona to get it. The drivers had never been to the Grand Canyon, so after they picked up Big Man, they took him with them to see the natural wonder. When they got back to Saluda County, Tammy Vance did the painting, and Ched Hurt built the large brick stand. “Big Man” now overlooks the lake.