Library Staff

From left to right: Sarah Johnson, Geri Martin, and Lisa Lyon

Staff News from Saluda County Library

  Changes have taken place recently in staffing of the Saluda County Library.
  These include:
  Following 12 years of exemplary service, Library Assistant Sandra McAlister, has retired. Geri Martin is promoted to the position of Library Assistant.  New staff members include Lisa Lyon, Director, and Sarah Johnson, Library Aide.
  Lisa Lyon comes to Saluda from Tryon, NC where she served as director of the Lanier Library. Her past positions include many years working with children and young adults in the public library systems of Spartanburg and Laurens counties. Lisa earned her Master of Library Science degree from NCCU in Durham, North Carolina. As the library’s new director, she will focus on supporting early literacy, strengthening community partnerships, and continuing with existing plans for expansion of the library building.
  Sarah Johnson is a former sheriff’s deputy who holds a B.S. in Criminology from NC State who moved to the area four years ago from Florence, SC.  Her introduction to the library began when she attended story time with her young son.  She is responsible for running the circulation desk at the Saluda location, and helping to promote the library through social media. Sarah enjoys reading and crafts, and is interested in starting a knitting group at the library.
  Geri Martin has been with the library for four years and is the new Library Assistant. She will provide cataloging and technical services to help build and maintain the libraries collections, in addition to assisting with special projects. Geri is a painter, and likes to read non-fiction. She plans to develop more programs that celebrate art in our community.
  The Saluda County Library staff is committed to the library’s mission: providing equal access to technology and informational materials to all citizens, encouraging a lifelong interest in learning and reading, and working with other county agencies to inform and promote a strong community. The library works towards the fulfillment of these goals by providing accurate, useful information, materials, and services to all citizens of Saluda County.


Tri-County Teacher Forum
Holds 1st Annual “Chat N Chew”

Members of the Tri-County Teacher Forum, made up of Teachers of the Year from Saluda, Edgefield, and Batesburg-Leesville school districts, held their first annual “Chat N Chew” with their Superintendent’s and invited guests- local Legislators,  and  guest speaker State Superintendent, Molly Spearman at Batesburg-Leesville Middle School on July 19th.
  Teacher Forum membership is made up of the current school teachers of the year and immediate past school teachers of the year, along with a district liaison.  The purpose of a Teacher Forum is to give recognition to school teachers of the year, to develop teacher leadership among this outstanding group, to give the teachers a voice in educational issues that face teachers today at all levels, and to impact the professional development of other teachers by encouraging its members to facilitate the development of leadership skills among their peers. 
  The idea of a Tri-County Teacher Forum was formulated through collaboration of the three counties in providing professional development to teachers of the year while recognizing and developing their roles of leadership.  The “Chat N Chew” event was just one way to serve as a way for teachers to have a voice in educational issues. The event was coordinated by Dr. Ann Marie Taylor- Edgefield, Mary Alice Quattlebaum- Saluda, and Judy Turner-Fox, Lexington 3, district liaisons for the Tri-County Teacher Forum.
  Superintendent Molly Spearman addressed the Forum sharing the importance of celebrating the profession and leading the way towards excellence in education.  Her focus was on the changes and challenges that educator’s face today.  She gave helpful suggestions on how teachers can advocate for their profession.
  Representative Cal Forrest and Representative Bill Clyburn were in attendance and provided information and updates on current bills that were recently passed by the House and is currently up for discussion in the Senate.  Both Legislators praised the work that is being done through the leadership of Superintendent Molly Spearman and through the hard work of local districts and schools.  “It’s all about the children, and what is best for them” they said.
The Tri-County Forum is appreciative of everyone who attended the event, especially our Legislators and Superintendent Molly Spearman who took time out of their busy schedule to show their support and give encouragement to our teachers.


SHS Teacher Gets
State Honor

  Saluda High School teacher, Mrs. Amanda Crouch was selected as the South Carolina Association of Agricultural Educators (SCAAE) Outstanding Teacher of the Year.
  The award recognizes leadership in civic, community, agriculture/agribusiness, and professional activities. Outstanding agricultural educators are innovators and catalysts for student success in agricultural education.
  Mrs. Crouch will go on to compete next at the national level, and the winner will be announced this summer.  The District extends its congratulations to Mrs. Crouch!