WELL KNOWN SILO DAMAGED - One well known landmark was damaged by the tornado that came through the Ridge area of Saluda County on Wed., April 6. The top of the 75-foot tall silo featuring a huge tiger paw  on the O.T. Price farm  was destroyed. Also damaged  on the Ridge Spring Hwy. 39 farm was a 400 foot shed, and a hay barn. Tracy Price and his two daughters were in their house, located behind the silo, when the tornado hit. The house sustained some water damage. “It was rather unnerving,” Price said. (Photo by Tracy Price)

Tornado In County Confirmed

  A tornado did damage in the Ridge section of Saluda County Wed., April 5.
  “The National Weather Service did confirm last Thursday that we did have an EF2 tornado impact Saluda County on Wednesday of last week,” Saluda County Emegency Management Director Josh Morton said. 
  “The tornado damage began east of Johnston and continued northeast through Ward before dissipating northwest of Ridge Spring off Murphy Farm Road.  There was a great deal of damaged and uprooted trees, as well as damage to multiple homes and vehicles. 
  “We were very fortunate in that we did not have any injuries or fatalities attributed directly to the tornado.”
  “The last tornado on record for Saluda County was also an EF2 that tracked between Ward and Monetta on March 15, 2008,” Morton said.

Budget Process Begins 

Saluda County Council began the 2017-18 budget process Mon., April 10, by giving first readings to the school and county budgets.
  The local portion of the Saluda County School’s $17,642,762 budget is $4,113,933. This is up $246,821 from last year.
 The county budget currently stands at $12,894,092. The difference between revenue and expenditures is $1,709,359.
  Two more readings are required before the budgets become final.
  Council gave third and final approval to an ordinance to execute a quit claim deed on the old Emory School House.
  Emory Community Club president Becky Clamp said the county gave the school building to the community club 40 years ago, but at that time the Club was not incorporated and did not have non-profit status. The Club has now met those conditions.
  Second reading was given to an ordinance lowering the rental rates of the hangars at the Saluda County Airport.
  First reading was given to an ordinance to enable the Coroner’s office to charge a fee for a cremation permit.
  The Fair Housing Month resolution was approved, and Council accepted a revised purchasing policy for Saluda County.
  Council approved Grant Coordinator Jill Warren’s applying for a Weyerhauser Giving Fund Request for EMS. The grant will purchase three Stair-Pro chairs for $10,000. The chair assists with patient handling in stairways or in confined spaces.
  At the beginning of the meeting, Councilman Frank Daniel expressed his appreciation to all who helped when the tornado came through his district last week. Daniel singled out SCE&G, DOT, volunteer church groups, public volunteers, the Road and Bridge Department and the Sheriff’s Office.
  “We are thankful we all made it through,” Daniel said.
  Councilman Jones Butler and Councilwoman Gwen Shealy also expressed appreciation to the emergency workers.
  Councilman D.J. Miller thanked all those who called him last month, explaining the importance of the Brooks & Roston Park to the neighborhood.
  Chairman Don Hancock also praised emergency workers, also expressed appreciation to EMS, detailing how he had to call an ambulance for the first time in  his life last week due to a medical emergency. He said he observed first hand the professionalism of the service, and single out staff members Derrick and Morico, who answered the call.
  Hancock also praised Recreation Director Paul Ergle for his work. He said 400 youth are participating in Rec spring sports.

National Telecommunications Week April 9-15TH

  National Telecommunications Week is celebrated throughout the month of April. Saluda County Sheriff John Perry is declaring Saluda County’s Telecommunications Week April 9-15th. This week is set aside to honor and recognize the dispatchers, heroes behind-the-scences, of the Saluda County Sheriff’s Office. The telecommunicators of Saluda County are responsible for dispatching for the SAluda County Sheriff’s Office, EMS, Fire Departments, Saluda Police Department, Ridge Spring Police Department, and the Coroner. The citizens of Saluda County depend on the expertise, skills, and commitment of our telecommunicators to answer emergency calls, dispatch emergency responders and equipment, and provide moral support to citizens in distress. We encourage the public to take this week to say thank you to the Saluda County Dispatchers. 
  Pictured left to right back row- Ashley Turner (Telecommunicators Coordinator) Carrie Caldwell, Brenda Teague, Amanda Vereen, Tiffany Weed, Sheena Rodgers, Brody Edwards, Roger Bush (assistant Telecommunicators Coordinator)  Pictured Left To Right In Front Row- Kanika Brooks, Gloria Tejeda, Charisse Bates, Kade Rodgers.