Champs Recognized

Council Recognizes
World Series Champs

  The World Series Champion Saluda Ponytail All-Stars took their “victory tour” to the Saluda County Council meeting Mon.. Aug. 8.
  Council recognized the young ladies with a resolution, and presented each member of the team with a copy of the resolution and a trophy.
  The team won the 12u Ponytail World Series with a 4-2 victory over North Carolina at 1:30 a.m. on Aug. 4. Their bus unloaded at Saluda High School at 3 a.m. on Aug. 5.
  On Sat., Aug. 6, they walked won Main Street with a good crowd cheering them on. They ended up on the Courthouse steps, where they were introduced individually and autographed pictures.
  Sun., Aug. 7, they were recognized by the Columbia Fireflies at Segra Park. The players were introduced and ran to their positions, accompanied by a Fireflies’ player who played the same position.
  After the presentation at the Council meeting, the team received a standing ovation.
  In the public presentation portion of the meeting, Dr. Ralph Riley expressed concerns about some residents being forced to change their addresses due to a 911 update. He said everyone uses GPS to get anywhere today, and it takes six to nine months for new addresses to get into the system, and this could create a problem for emergency calls.
  In May, Emergency Management Director Josh Morton publicshed the following annoucement, “Over the last few years, advances in technology have led to the development of the next generation of 911, also known as NG911.  As NG911 systems are put into place in South Carolina, responders will have even better location data, which will allow them to respond to emergency situations even more efficiently.  As we move towards these systems, it is more important than ever to ensure that E911 addresses are accurate.  In order to improve accuracy, Saluda County is currently working to readdress areas where inaccuracies have been identified.
  Property owners whose property is affected will be notified in writing in mid-2022.  The E-911 office will coordinate these changes with the United States Postal Service who will continue to deliver mail to the previous address for one (1) year from the date of the notification.  Property owners will not need to submit a change of address form to the United States Postal Service, but will need to notify their correspondents of the change within one year.”
  Sheriff Josh Price expressed the need for additional medical services at the Detention Center. He cited prisoners undergoing drug detox. He said the county had a contract for a nurse to work at the Detention Center for 30 hours a week. He asked the contract to be upped to 40 hours a week for the nurse. He said he could find the $18,900 needed for the increase of hours in his current budget. His request was approved.
  Council approved a request from Fire Service Coordinator Luke Downing to apply for a grant to get new air packs for all the fire departments. The current air packs were purchased in 2006.
  County Librarian Heath Ward has two requests approved. One was to fill a part-time position using State-Aid funding, and the other was to issue an invitation to bid for library renovation.
   Buildings Maintenance Supervisor John Oscar Perry presented three needs.
  Council approved issuing a request for proposal to paint the exterior of the buildings at the Saluda County Airport.
  A new, $8775 AC unit for the Magistrate’s Office and $17,500 roof repair at the Health Department/DSS building were approved and will be funded  from the Building Maintenance Reserve Fund.
  Board and committee appointments included:
  Nursing Center Board re-appointment, Angie Rita, by Chairman Jim Moore; Planning Commission re-appointment, Gene Cason, by Chairman Jim Moore; Library Board appointment, Nancy Deloach,  by Councilman Daniel; Library Board re-appointment, Steve Miller, by Councilman Anderson; Library Board re-appointment, Charlyn Staubes, by Councilman Anderson; Planning Commission re-appointment, William Spearman,  by Councilman Atkinson; Fire Board Old Town Representative, Devin Home with Jerry Farmer as the alternate.

Scenes from the “Welcome Home” observance for the World Series champions at the Courthouse Sat., Aug. 6. (Standard-Sentinel photos)