Tidbits - June 9, 2022


  I’ve had about a much fun as I can stand.
  Despite my mother’s passing, I still had to get this newspaper out. Her funeral was on Sunday, my work “Monday,” so I had to make Saturday my “Monday.”
  They I had to turn around and get another paper to the printer on the following Friday, because of the Memorial Day holiday.
  Then when I went to Greenwood to get the papers Tuesday, I was told the Index-Journal is cutting back on the number of days it prints, and I would need to start sending our pages to the Index on Friday, starting this week!
  Whew! I’m worn out! I’ve had to get out three newspapers in 14 days, when it should be 21!
  I fully understand the Index-Journal decision. In its letter to readers, this information was shared:
  “The cost of raw newsprint cost has increased 30% since this time last year. Ink has rocketed in cost by 55%, year-over-year while the plates and chemicals used to create the pages printed on that newsprint have climbed by 10%. Our carrier delivery costs have climbed by 20% since this time last year and, as all of you are aware, fuel costs have continued their sharp rise — 49% year-over-year.”
  Once a daily, the Index-Journal will now be printed on Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays.
  It is because there will be no Tuesday paper that we will have to get our paper printed on Sunday night, rather than Monday night.
  At our former longtime printer, Bruner’s, the paper was printed in the afternoon. As a morning newspaper, the Index-Journal only prints at night.
  The new deadline is a good new-bad news.
  It’s good news for me, personally. I can now have weekends off. Having to get the paper to the printer on Monday, Sunday afternoon  became the equivalent of my Monday, when we got our papers printed on Tuesday. I also worked several hours on Saturdays.
  I can’t tell you how many events I’ve had to miss, because I had to work on Sunday afternoon.
  The bad news is breaking news. If something happens over the weekend, I can’t put it in the paper until the following week.
  This includes Saluda High football on Friday night. The story on the game with be delayed a week in the newspaper. I will, however, post the story in our webstite as I normally do on Tuesday afternoon, so the webpage will be up-to-date.
  As the old saying goes, “There ain’t nothing simple in this world.” We’ll just have to “go with the flow.”

  Carolina fans were calling for the firing of head baseball coach Mark Kingston. So, who gets fired? Clemson coach, Monte Lee.
  Monte has a much better record in his career at Clemson than does Kingston at Carolina, but when the Tigers missed the playoffs this year, Monte was fired.
  Kingston probably deserved firing more than Monte. Monte won over 30 games this year. Kingston had Carolina’s first losing record since 1996, and only the fourth since 1973.
  The difference was Clemson could afford to fire Lee. Carolina couldn’t afford Kingston’s $2 million buyout, after paying Will Muschamp and Frank Martin $16 million between them the last two years.
  Monte was a popular assistant coach for Ray Tanner during Carolina’s World Series winning years, Maybe, Kingston can hire Monte!