Tidbits - June 2, 2022


  The big news in sports last week was the feud between Jimbo Fisher of Texas A&M and Nick Saban of  Alabama.
  It came about after the press reported comments Saban made to a booster club meeting.
  When will people ever learn their comments to their supporters are not protected, especially in this digital age. One speech can be shared to the world in a matter of seconds.
  That reminds me of President Obama talking in public about how the two parties should work together, then when he gave a speech to a group of Democrats, he’d cut the Republicans to shreds. Hard to forge unity that way.
  Saban, talking to the Tide boosters, intimated Texas A&M has the top football recruiting class this year, because Coach Jimbo Fisher was buying players under the new Name Image Likeness (NIL) rule.
  Jimbo, a former Saban assistant, was outraged, saying how dare Nick talk about a bunch of 17-year-olds.
  I hate break it to Jimbo, but teenagers know about money .... and what it buys.
  To back Nick up, the cfbFacts Twitter site shared the following information:
  Prior to the implementation of the NIL, Texas A&M had zero five star recruits in 2018, two in 2019, two in 2020, and one in 2021.
  With the NIL, Texas A&M had seven five stars and the highest rated recruiting class in history.
 The site added: “Makes perfect logic - after losing to Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Arkansas and LSU and finishing 4-4 in the SEC, it was clear to the nation’s elite recruits that THIS was a program on the rise.”
  Let’s make it perfectly clear, the NIL is legal, but a school loaded with oil baron boosters has an advantage over most schools, even Alabama.
 I’ve heard rumors that Gamecock quarterback Spencer Rattler has a million dollar deal. Such is the case in the world of “amateur” athletics.

  It took me 71-years to become an orphan. That’s a blessing.
  Now, I have to accept it.
  Over two years ago, Mother had a severe UTI, which caused her to be hospitalized.
  She was sent from the hospital to Springfield Place in Newberry for rehab.
  The four children took turns visiting.
  One day I walked into her room, and she said, “I thought they said no visitors.”
  I walked to the desk and they were amazed I had slipped by. I was told I had to go. They did let me go  back to the room and tell Mother “good-bye.”
  This “no visitor” thing would not last long, I thought. Boy, was I wrong.
  We were fortunate to get Mother a room at Saluda Nursing Center, and we were able to witness from a distance her arrival at SNC. That was the last time we’d see her in person for a year,  because of the pandemic.
  Everyone with a relative in an extended care facility or hospital experienced the same thing.
  We’d see Mother through her room window. Thank goodness she had her beloved laptop she used to communicate with her family and the world.
  Like many residents at SNC, she got COVID-19. Thankfully, she had a minor case, but she was never the same again.
  We, her children, realized she would not come home. It took her longer to realize that too, but she was content.
  Even though I knew she was not be coming home, I refused the change things from where she left them.
 Her over the counter medicine is still on the kitchen counter near the door to her bedroom.
  There’s a jug of cranberry juice in the back of the refrigerator that has been there since she went to the hospital. It should be well fermented.
  A chair in the den is full of stuffed animals I gave her through the years.
  One Christmas, I gave her an over the air Tivo DVR. Even though she was in her 80s, she learned how to record her favorite programs, which she would watch the next day. Among her favorites were “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Law and Order SVU.,” and “This is Us.”
  I don’t watch any of those programs, yet I let her recording settings continue to record.
  It is quite ironic she died the same week as the mother on “This is Us.” I read that on Yahoo. I refused to watch a program that is sad every week. I prefer to watch “murder shows.”
  Daddy died in 1998, but his shop is full of his “stuff.”
  Ironically, on the day Mother died, a meme appeared on Instagram that said, “BREAKING NEWS - Man Uses Piece Of Wood He Put In Garage In 1982 ‘Because It Might Come In Handy In The Future.”
  I shared that with my siblings.
  Jamie said used a piece of pipe the other day he had stored in his shop for years. See, it’s true.  
  I know I need to put the things that will not be used again away. But I have time. I’m only 71......

  Once my mother learned how to used her laptop, it was off to the races, literally.
  This is the honest truth. The mouse connected to my desktop computer is over five years old.
  My mother would destroy at least five “mice” a year.
  It was uncanny. She also closed the lid of he laptop on her mouse and destroyed the screen. Memories!